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    Pet Pod
    The Original
    Available in Blue, Red & Black
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Black PetPod for Dogs
PetPod logo detail
Handmade in the UK
Red PetPod for Cats

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18 Aug

By Olivia 0 Comments 13 Likes

The Boys Explore Their 'Purr-fect' Pet Pods

Heather's two cats happily snuggled down into their new matching cosy homes & are now proudly luxuriating in smart black 3-bolster Pet Pods.[...]

17 Jul

By Olivia 0 Comments 6 Likes

Another Satisfied Customer...!

Mick's curious cat 'Socks' didn't take long to discover the warmth & wonder of her bright new home! [...]

25 Jun

By Olivia 0 Comments 18 Likes

Double Trouble!

These cute companions Jack & Jelly could hardly wait to try out their new black Pet Pod – so much so that they clambered in together on the doorstep.[...]